2021 Rockin’ Redbird Gymkhana Results

Points are based on the following:
1st Place – 10 pts.
2nd Place – 9 pts.
3rd Place – 8 pts.
4th Place – 7 pts.
5th Place – 6 pts.
6th Place – 5 pts.
7th Place – 4 pts.
8th Place – 3 pts.
9th Place – 2 pts.
10th Place – 1 pt.

Best 5 out of 8 gymkhanas count toward series-end prizes. You must compete in at least 5 gymkhanas in order to be eligible for series-end prizes. Participants must be a part of JSSH lesson program, board their horse at Papago North or by invitation only.

The “Total Points to Date” reflects the 5 BEST scores.

2021 Gymkhana Series

18 and Over

Ameena A3026172525123
Laurie B2712253022116
Hannah S24232829104
Liz C2020
Jody L30182775
LeAnn W192039
Mariah B252752
Breana L77

17 and Under

Madison S13101423221890
Sophie H12171423241997
Nikey S232314221496
Brylee M1521221892399
Joshua R169917101668
Madison M112325968
Elizabeth B1726301982
Jane C3025282718128
Dakota H1818
Zoe H45171238
Riana R5518121050
Tatum V24933

Adult Amateur

Brian P99
Pam S27292930105
Mel H292958
Michele D99
Breana L102030
Brittany W2525
Kelsey G1616
Julia G2828




Ella G302719511394
Kinsley C1826232989
Charlette T26251930100
Maddie O221326011880
Shelby T2424
Aaleah S1817272486
Scarlett S161414044
Amaya S101213641
Alyssa L302331167
Aubrielle G23122459
Cayden D1717236
Charlee K18161751
Allie M161531
Cali M19172460
Ben A1414
Averie C66

Walk, Trot, Lope 10 and Under

Samantha S112927182625125
Molly M21151921141995
Riana R2323
Samuel R1020171892590
Taya V42421221889
Reagan G212626252628131
Skye B122125202224112
Landry S1313
Berkeley E1313

Walk, Trot, Lope 11-17

Elly P2929202118117
Kyleigh D152226252427124
Kelsey F242347
Gabrielle W272325292024128
Raegan S1323211269
Cade B12171119241991
Kaycee D8142042
Eden A272148
Isabella S1919

For JSSH riders, an opportunity to take it to the next level. This team gives riders who are passionate about horsemanship, rodeo, and racing to come together to support and learn from each other. Jodi Scott McGhee and Assistant Coach, Nicole Rasmussen, will be helping riders improve their horsemanship and their skills. Contact Jodi for more information.

Open Jackpot – Barrels

Brylee M
Madison M91019
Hannah S
Jane C
Amanda F
Sam S
Madison S8917
Jody L
Sophie H

Open Jackpot – Poles

Brylee M
Madison M1010
Hannah S
Jane C
Amanda F
Sam S
Madison S
Jody L
Sophie H