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RRRT 2023-2024

The Rockin’ Redbird Rodeo Team is open to ALL ages and is a great opportunity to bring people together with the same interests to achieve their goals! We will have a Rodeo Team logbook as well where you will track your progress, write your goals along with a calendar and other information. It will be fun to refer to this journal during the practices and have a way to keep track of the season.

We will have 2 options for membership:

  • Competitors (Need to have your own horse or are leasing from a private party)
  • Futures (Don’t have to own your own horse but are involved in monthly lessons and have the goal of horse ownership and competition in the near future)

Rodeo Team practices begin Wednesday, October 4th, 2023, from 4:00-6:00 pm. The practices will be the 1st Wednesday of every month starting October 4th. The membership fee includes ALL practices October 2023 through August 2024 (2 practices in August for BB4B, no practice in July).

Rules and Expectations

  • We encourage sportsmanship with good character and a spirit of competition in and out of the arena creating opportunities for families to spend their time together.
  • Members are responsible for their horse, tack and expected to clean up at all practices and events. Please, leave the area better than when you started! 
  • No manhandling or excessive aggression toward riders or horses. 
  • Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times. You are not only representing the team but also the barn, training, and the joy of this sport!

Please contact Jodi at for more information.

Rockin’ Redbird Rodeo Team Schedule
(Check back for updates)

  • October
    • 10/4 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice – 4:00 to 6:00 pm
  • November
    • 11/1 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • December
    • 12/6 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • January
    • 1/3 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • February
    • 2/7 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • March
    • 3/6 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • April
    • 4/3 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • May
    • 5/1 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • June
    • 6/5 (Wednesday) RRRT Team Meeting & Practice
  • July
  • August
    • TBA