2022 Rockin’ Redbird Gymkhana Results

Points are based on the following:
1st Place – 10 pts.
2nd Place – 9 pts.
3rd Place – 8 pts.
4th Place – 7 pts.
5th Place – 6 pts.
6th Place – 5 pts.
7th Place – 4 pts.
8th Place – 3 pts.
9th Place – 2 pts.
10th Place – 1 pt.

Best 5 out of 8 gymkhanas count toward series-end prizes. You must compete in at least 5 gymkhanas in order to be eligible for series-end prizes. Participants must be a part of JSSH lesson program, attend camps or board their horse at Papago North.

The “Total Points to Date” reflects the 5 BEST scores.

2022 Gymkhana Series

18 and Over

Laurie B242751
Mariah B2727
Jane C303060

17 and Under

Emily B16723
Gabbie W272855
Kyleigh D141630
Reagan G272956
Sophie H1616
Sam S101424
Skye B101626
Kaycee D77
Joshua R1111
Riana R1212
Zoe H182240
Isabella S1717

Adult Amateur

Susan O302858
Julia G1818
Brian P2020


Charlee K192544
Valerie F92938
Madison O211536
Alice K141226
Amaya S191332
Sofia M88
Blake D101525
Reese C2323
Danielle F2020
Ava S1818

Walk/Trot/Lope 12 and Under

Apolonia H1919
Charlotte T252449
Allie M202141
Averie C252853
Aaleah S162844
Samuel R2525
Cali M1919

Walk/Trot/Lope 13-17

Amarilys L303060
Cece D262753
Edee G252247
Reese C2222
Danielle F1919

Open Jackpot – Barrels

Madison S10818
Sophie H9716
Laurie B8513
Samantha S7411
Reagan G1010
Isabella S66
Zoe H99

Open Jackpot – Poles

Madison S10919
Sophie H9716
Reagan G1010
Isabella S88