We offer beginner to advanced riding lessons from ages five and up! Come enjoy the heady experience of horseback riding and soak in the benefits of a partnership with a horse — self confidence, respect, physical activity, discipline, pride, nature, and maybe even a newfound love — just to name a few!


A gymkhana is translated literally as “competitive games on horseback.” A gymkhana is a great way to compete against riders of the same skill level, whether beginner or advanced. We can teach you barrel and pole patterns, horsemanship skills, and even provide you a horse as your teammate!


We have a variety of boarding options, from barn stalls, mare motel stalls to paddocks. Our horses are healthy, relaxed and ready to go. Stalls and Paddock are cleaned every day at which time we monitor each horse, including food, water intake and manure output. We also look at each horse checking their condition and attitude. Our staff takes great pride in making sure your horse is well cared for!


Do you have a horse in need of a tune-up? We work with the owner and the horse to establish consistent handling, improve communication and build mutual respect between rider and horse. Along with training, we incorporate riding lessons to build a solid foundation of horsemanship.